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standard crompton Greaves ND Series
The Power Behind The Drive
Frames 80 to 400 in cast iron body
Range : 0.37 kW to 500 kW
Squirrel cage & Slipring Motors, Foot / Flange & Face Mounting, 2 Pole / 4 Pole / 6 Pole / 8 Pole /10 Pole, Motors for every applications, Full range available for use in Hazardous, area Zone 2.
Dual Speed Motor Crompton greaves CG Drive -SK
Range : Single Phase, Dual Phase, Three Phase 200 V/400 V Class, 0.25 kW to 45 kW.
PLC functionality for small applications Dynamic braking transistor as standard Interfacing protocols-Modbus / Profibus / Devicenet / Ethernet.

CG Drive-SG
Range : Three Phase 200 / 400 V Class, 5.5 KW to 200 kW Extended upto 400 kW.
Motor parameters self tuning.
Auto capture function interfacing protocols Modbus / Profibus / Devicenet.

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Standard 3PH TEFC
Flame Proof Motors
Geared Motors
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Dual Speed Motors
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Crane Duty Motors
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