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Three Phase squirrel cage standard and energy efficient motors
Bharat Bijlee has been a pioneer in the field of standard & special electric motors as well as pumps.

This catalogue covers TEFC Standard and Energy Efficient 3 phase squirrel cage motors.

Standard motors Type" MA' : 0.12 KW (Frame 63) to 132 KW (Frame 315M).

Energy Efficient Motors Type'MH1' : 1.1 KW (Frame 90S) to 18.5 KW (Frame 160L).

Voltage and Frequency
The motors are designed for a rated voltage of 415V and frequency of 50 Hz. The motors give the rated output for a variation of ± 10% in voltage and ± 5% in frequency and +10% combined variation.

Method of starting and start-up time

All motors upto and including 1.5 KW are connected in star internally and three terminals are brought out in the terminal box for DOL starting. Motors above 1.5 KW output are designed for continuous operation in Delta connection and six terminal are brought out in the terminal box for Star-delta starting. By suitable connection, the motors can be started DOL or in Star-delta.

The motors can safely withstand a starting up time of 5 to 7 seconds for two consecutive starts from cold condition, in applications where more severe starting condition are encountered, a special enquiry should be made eg.
Drives with high inertia e.g. flywheel drives, eccentric presses, etc.
Drives involving intermittent duty of motor e.g rolling mills, centrifuges and conveyor motors, etc.

Insulation and Endurance
All motors of standard design are provided with class'F' insulation with temperature rise limited to 'B' class. These motors can also be used for ambient temperature upto 55°C or can be overloaded continuously by 10% without deration. The temperature rise will still be within the safe limits of class 'F'. The insulating material used are adequately resistant to the action of microbes and fungi. The motor windings are specially treated to withstand the climatic conditions prevailing in the tropics, which also provides protection against chemically aggressive gases and vapours as well as conductive dust.

At rated voltage, the motors can withstand 1.5 times the rated current for two minutes without suffering permanent damage or distortion.

Two earthing terminals are provided, one on the body and other in the terminal box.
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