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Standard Siemens

Standard Siemens
Range :
The datasheet covers motors from frame sizes 63 to 132M in 2 and 4 pole, and 71 to 1 32M in 6 and 8 poles.
The Brake Motors are available in Cast Iron body. For further details on motor part, please refer page no. 2 to 5.

Applications :
The brake motors are uniquely designed to cater various applications in almost all industries.
Some of the applications and industries are listed below:
Cranes and hoists.
Machine tools.
Printing machines.
Weirs and sluices.
Rolling mills.
Cable reeling drums.
Geared Motors.
Leather Processing machines.

Industry :
Power Plants.
Food & Beverages.
Cement Plant.
Paper Plants.
Steel Plants .
Textile Industry.
Material Handling.
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