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Special purpose AC/DC Universal
Special purpose AC/DC Universal motors 220/230V, 1/20 H.P. to2/3H.P.

AC/DC Universal geared motors
AC/DC Universal geared motors from 1/20H.P.to1/2H.P.75RPMto 279 RPM

A.C. Shaded pole skeleton motors
A.C. Shaded pole skeleton motors 230V, with bush bearing.
Shaded pole motors
Shaded pole motors 230V, A.C. with Aluminium or sheet metal bodies,
Bush or Ball bearing, 1/40 H.P. to 1/100 HP. 1150 RPM to 2200 RPM.

Domestic Mixer Motor
Domestic Mixer Motor and similar type heavy duty intermittant rating upto 1/4 H.P, with 15000 RPM for apparatus and appliances

High Speed Universal Motors-Continuous rated upto 1/2 H.P. maximum 20000 RPM, tailor-rnade for high speed instruments and drives.
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Standard 3PH TEFC
Flame Proof Motors
Geared Motors
Brake Motors
Dual Speed Motors
Single Phase Motors
D C Motors
Crane Duty Motors
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