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Bharat BijleeMotors for Hazardous Areas
Bharat Bljlee has been a pioneer in the field of standard & special electric motors as well as pumps
Product Range
Flame proof motors Type ~MD'.
Increased safety motors Type 'ME'.
Non sparking Motors Type ^ MN1.

Hazardous areas
Hazardous areas are defined as locations where explosive gas-air-mixture may occur in dangerous concentrations. The decision as to whether an area is hazardous as per the relevant regulations and specifications rests entirely with the user, or in case of doubt, with the competent inspecting authority, is 5572 (Pt 1) classifies hazardous areas into three zones, depending on the frequency and duration for which dangerous concentrations are likely to be present. Classification of these zones and selection of electrical equipment as per IS 5574 are given below.

Flame proof motors are suitable for application in zone 1 area. However, these motors can also be used in zone 2 area.

Ignition Temperature Classes & Explosion Gas Groups

To facilitate selection of equipment, the flammable gases and vapours are categorised in temperature classes or ignition temperature groups T1 to T6. The ignition temperature is the lowest temperature at which the flammable gas-air-mixture will ignite. Theignition temperature classes are shown in Table 2. Higher ignition temperature classes also cover lower ones.
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